Updates.. Updated on 11 June 2013

Official letter,

Dear Sydney Audience,

Thank you for your patience and after much review and discussion with the Big Top Sydney, we will now release the official letter in regard to the incidents that occurred on the concert date.

JK Entertainment would like to apologise again to the audience who were delayed into the concert hall on the 1st of June. We understand that it is unacceptable and although we cannot undo what happened, we wish to provide an explanation of what went wrong during the hall admission.

According to the venue management, it is police regulation that all audience entering into the hall have to undergo a bag search to ensure no dangerous objects are taken into the venue.
Secondly, as the venue also serves alcohol, as part of regulations from the police and the venue, IDs were checked and a wrist band was given to audience members.

However, due to the wet weather conditions, the Big Top Sydney informed us that admission into the hall was delayed and slowed down with many tickets unable to scan immediately as they were wet.

With these various activities happening, the procedures to enter into the hall took longer than anticipated. Please see announcement by Big Top here.

Please understand that we were unable to change some of the regulations concerning line up and the door opening times as they were under the control of venue management. Unfortunately, we were unable to open the doors earlier on the night even if we tried to and we apologise for that.

As for the seated ticket audience, we too apologise for not being able to usher everyone to their right seating in time and to have interrupted you during the show. Although we tried our best to ensure everything ran smoothly, it was unfortunate that these issues occurred.

JK Entertainment understands that the situation was not ideal but we assure you that we have reviewed this thoroughly. We are determined to avoid any recurrence of these issues in future events and aim to improve future concert experiences as our no 1 priority to you, our audiences.

JK Entertainment is one of few companies who are trying to bring more KPOP events to Australia at the moment and we are trying our hardest to expand this unique music trend in Australia.
Please allow us to improve our service and we hope to always be here for you KPOP fans.

We sincerely thank you again for attending the concert and your continuous support of our events.
If you have any further enquiries, please email us at cnblue@jkent.com.au and we promise to answer each of your questions individually and directly,

Kind regards,

The Management
JK Entertainment

Updates.. Updated on 03 June 2013

Dear Sydney Audience,

Thank you for commenting on our facebook page and we appreciate your patience in waiting for a respond over the weekend.

First of all, thank you for attending the CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Concert in Sydney despite the wet weather.
We are sorry that some of your experiences at the concert has been unsatisfactory.

JK Entertainment has requested to Big Top Sydney to review the issues occurred during the night and we promise to give you an official explanation and an apology after the discussion. Because it was a live event, situations arose that we did not anticipate and the outcome did not meet your expectations. JK Entertainment promises that your comment will be answered, and your patience in waiting for the reply is deeply appreciated.
In the meantime, if you have further suggestions and comments, please email us at info@jkent.com.au. We ensure that there will be a reply for each email sent to the address.

Once again, we are sincerely sorry that you have not been able to enjoy the concert fully and thank you again for your honest feedback towards the event and we will take this matter seriously to improve our services to you.

Kind regards,

The Management

2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR IN Australia Updated on 19 Apr 2013

JK Entertainment Presents

JK Entertainment is proud to present the very popular K-Pop band- CNBLUE's "2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR" concert in Australia.

The band will be performing at the Big Top Sydney, Luna Park on Saturday, 1st of June and Also in Melbourne at Festival Hallon, 31st of May, after embarking on their first tour from Taiwan then Singapore and Hong Kong to name a few.

CNBLUE have previously performed in Sydney for the 2011 Sydney K-Pop Music Fest and for the first time, the band will be performing solo here in Sydney!

The members are very excited and looking forward to meeting their Australian fans for the second time!

Due to high demands, popularity, and the success of ticket sales for the Sydney Concert, 
we have decided to give out a great news for all the fans in Melbourne too!!

CNBLUE has decided to add one more stop on their World Tour and has announced they also want to go to Melbourne! 
That means one more show for Australian Boices! Let's show them our Aussie support!


Concert Date :  Friday, 31 May 2013 (Concert Starts at 7:30 PM Door open at 7:00 PM)
Venue : Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tickets are available via Ticketmaster, from TUESDAY 30 APRIL at 4:30PM

Best to check our facebook / official website for frequent updates.



Concert Date : Saturday, 1 June 2013 (Concert Starts at 7:30 PM Door open at 7:00 PM)
Venue : Big Top Sydney, Luna Park 

Further details regarding CNBLUE's Melbourne concert will be announced soon.
For any inquiries or questions, please only email us at cnblue@jkent.com.au.
Alternatively, you may also check out our JK ENTERTAINMENT Facebook page for new updates regarding the concert!