Merchandise Online Order is Now CLOSED!!

We are sorry to announce that Merchandise Online Order will be closed from 29th May 2013.

Thank you everyone for purchasing CNBLUE BLUE MOON Concert Merchandises!


However, due to high demands of merchandise order, we decided to sell Merchandises
at the venue on the concert day!

BLUE MOON Merchandises:

T-Shirts and Light Sticks are ONLY Available! (Limited Stock ONLY!!)
If you haven't got one yet, Come Early and Get the Last Chance!

For the people who has chosen 'JK Office pick up'
We let the people who has chosen 'JK Office pick up' as delivery option know the available office pick up period (20th-24th) and time.
If you are the one who has chosen 'JK Office pick up', but didn't visit our office to pick yours up by 24th May 2013. Please contact JK ENT as soon as possible. Your delivery option will be changed to 'Venue pick up'.

For the people who has chosen 'Venue pick up'
Please come to the Box Office for picking up your pre-ordered Merchandises!
(It would be great to bring your ID or payment receipt with you to show us when you collect yours at the venue.)

If you already made payment for your Merchandise, but haven't received them yet.
Please, Contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for your interesting CNBLUE BLUE MOON Concert and Merchandise!
Hope to see you all on the day and Enjoy your CNBLUE Concert!


  *Australian prices for the official merchandise may vary from other countries due to differences in currency conversion