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2013 September 4MINUTE Party Rock Concert in Australia
1 SEP 2013, Metro Theatre, Sydney
Presented and Managed by JK Entertainment
  August 2013 Korean Buddhist Culture Experiential Exhibition in Australia
24-28 AUG 2013, Museum of Contemporary Arts, MCA Lawn
Presented by Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism
Locally Managed by JK Entertainment
  June CNBLUE WORLD TOUR in Sydney
1 JUNE 2013, Big Top Sydney, Luna Park
Presented and Managed by JK Entertainment
  May CNBLUE WORLD TOUR in Melbourne
31 MAY 2013, Festival Hall, Melbourne
Presented and Managed by JK Entertainment
2012 December MBC Two Guys World Travels
December 2012,
Broadcasted in Korea by MBC
  October Bobby Kim Live Concert In Australia
20 Oct 2012 (Sydney Big Top) | 21 Oct 2012 (Perth Convention Centre)
Presented and Managed by JK Entertainment
  August MBC Star Audition Season 3 - Australia & New Zealand
4 August 2012 | Sydney Convention Centre
Managed by JK Entertainment
  May 2012 Miss Korea (Miss Oceania)
26 May 2012 | The Concourse, Chatswood
Co-Presented & Managed by JK Entertainment
  April 2012 YG Audition In Australia
7 April 2012 | The Civic Pavilion in The Concourse, Chatswood
Presented by YG Entertainment | Managed by JK Entertainment
2011 November 2011 K-POP Music Fest. In Sydney
12th November, ANZ Stadium, Sydney
The biggest Music Concert in Sydney for Asian community event. To celebrate 50 years of friendship anniversary between Korea and Australia,JK Entertainment and MBC Korea organized 12 Kpop groups to visit Sydney. The event was covered by many different medias in Australia.
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